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The MAGIC 9 approach for Holistic Wellness

Why you are probably here and how I "Holistic J" can help and add value with 9 simple steps - THE MAGIC 9 approach for Holistic Wellness!


Thank you for visiting my website.  The reason why you are here is probably because the same as me 10 years ago. You are interested in things like looking at ways of self-development, self-healing, new experiences, understanding yourself, connecting to others, improving your inner game and self mastery. But more specifically finding the gems of wisdom and genuine direction that resonates with you, amongst the vast amounts of technology, social media, resources, people, data and complementary healing techniques out there. 


“Everything that you do is an expression of who you are", so unless you know how to adapt or change who you are, only then you can understand the right way to "APPROACH" it, which can be very easy.


The good news is there are “NINE” main transferable concepts that I have used as "my approach", that may also help you pivot, navigate and give you the breakthroughs in life. To be your true authentic self and achieve your goals, dreams, desires and aspirations.  Rather than spending most of your life chasing goals that seem like running down a blind alley to reach the end of the rainbow, only to find out it's a dead end.


My journey and like yours probably started with finding out about mindset, psychology, mind hacks and awareness which are very powerful tools.  However self-counselling yourself, finding a great psychologist or life coach may not always bring the continued, sustainable results.  As your particular success model to transform and re-invent yourself, possibly requires a more personal unique way of integrating different methods and technologies.  Like the 9 Dimensions of Wellness or the Holisitic Approach of mind & mindset, body & movement, emotions & heart practices, and spirit & energy techniques.


My Approach - "THE MAGIC 9" approach for Holistic Wellness:

1. GOOD CHARACTER THAT RESONATES WITH YOU - Sometimes we lack the drive and motivation to self coach ourselves, to make changes and see the bigger picture, of what we want in life and how to achieve it.  So you need someone that is not only a highly competent coach, but of good character that can provide the safe space, that is genuine, authentic, empathetic and that you resonate with.  That has the experience and “been where you want to go”, and been in the trenches of life and has got the battle scars. Not someone that is going to repeat what theory or technique they read in the past that worked on other labelled groups of people, and try and fit it to your personal individual situation that has other moving parts.


2. LIFE EXPERIENCE – It is about going to learn from somebody who's been there, “that understands it and understands you”. That knows the psychological patterns, knows how to connect and navigate with you, get you over your ability to handle things like rejection, money blocks, procrastination, perfectionism, not being able to say no, the love you didn’t receive growing up, or other issues that you are trying to find out the underlying issues.  So you can break the patterns and chains, and move on in life now with less discomfort, rather than waiting 2, 5 or 10 years without making the progress you desire.

3. AWARENESS OF PATTERNS, LIMITING BELIEFS, TRAUMA AND TRIGGERS - Awareness and personal insight of our patterns, limiting beliefs, trauma and triggers provide the foundation and knowledge of how our subconscious is working in the background and how it impacts our life, actions, emotions and decisions.  With this knowledge we can feel empowered and motivated to make healthy changes in our lives.

4. BREAKTHROUGH MOMENTS - To start change and get momentum we need motivation which can happen in a single moment which is known as a breakthrough.  This is when you say enough is enough and I need to change and this is why as it is now a priority.  For example if you made a conscious decision to stop an unhealthy habit or relationship it happened in a single moment.  In this breakthrough moment we then start on a new path, as we realise that holding on to the cup of water over such a long time is not healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.  After the first breakthrough moments you can then have more empowering breakthrough moments providing long term healthy changes.

5. ACTION - Once we have awareness we can then take action and be accountable to make changes to improve our holistic wellness and improve the quality of our lives and our relationships with ourselves and others.

6. ACCOUNTABILITY IS PARAMOUNT - You don’t hire a personal or trainer or life coach just to teach you how to do push ups or make a list. It is so you get up at 5am and get to the gym, as they are waiting for you and checking your progress week on week.   Accountability is there so you “improve your INNER GAME and SHOW UP consistently”.  So those short term goals make the medium and long terms goals a reality – Progress equals happiness.


7. PEER GROUP & DIET - You need to change your peer group and sensory diet.  Surround yourself with a group that resonates with you, that are motivated, with similar values and beliefs, authentic, positive, working on themselves and their trade and adding value.  When you start working with that group of let’s say 10 people like this, you are likely to be the 11th.  “Who you hang with is who you become!”.  Your sensory diet of mainly what you see, hear and feel today and in the future, can have a profound impact on your thoughts, behaviour and direction in life.


8. HOLISTIC INTEGRATION & PASSION - We all have our passions in life and the things we enjoy.  Its not usually just one instrument that creates a beautiful symphony of life.  By working out what Holistic practices work for you in a healthy balanced way, is life changing.  Integration can be powerful by finding your own bespoke Holistic recipe or symphony: of mind & mindset, body & movement, emotions & heart practices, and spirit & energy techniques


9. SIMPLICITY – Be present and just be, surrender and let go of things that don’t serve us, unconditional love and enjoying the pleasures of life healthily.  Life can be very complex but sometimes we need to simplify things, like doing the things we love, following our passions, resting, connecting and being present with ourselves, nature and the people we love.  Surrender and accept the good and bad in ourselves and situations, and what we can learn from a place of curiosity rather than being judgemental.  Unconditional love, oneness and the journey of truly knowing ourselves.  Healthy habits, thoughts, diet, lifestyles, relationships, libido, exercise and vitality.



I accept all major credit and debt cards and PayPal for single, future and recurring payments.  If you need more time to pay I also accept PayPal credit and PayPal pay in 3 months.

A single session is £60 and you can tailor future sessions as to your availability and preferred frequency. I also offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly programmes over 3, 6 and 12 months.



  • So if you have read the above and it resonates with you that’s great.  Feel free to look around and there are free tools, links, videos, music, meditations, healings and documents in my resources section. They have helped me on my journey over the last 10 years and you may find them usefull too.  

  • If you want to book a healing session, training course or reading I look forward to our session and connecting with you.  

  • If you just want to find out a bit more or are thinking of working with me for a single session or one of my programmes. Feel free to contact me or book a free 30 minute discovery call by clicking here.  So we can connect and talk through your situation and any questions you may have, for the next step of your journey.  And to see if we are a strategic fit to work together.

  • Places are limited as I only work on the basis of 10 hourly sessions a week which is about 40 sessions a month.  I am opening up these limited spaces to help people on their journey, so that it works around my Professional Mediation and Financial Project Management caseload. To find out more and to book a Holistic Coaching session Click here.

DISCLAIMER - I am not saying my approach is the only way as this is a reflection of my journey and what has worked for me and my clients.  However if this resonates with you, you may also agree a holistic approach may be worth trying with the other professional or medical services you are using!

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