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Cacao Ceremony 60 mins - phone/video

Heart opening plant medicine - unconditional love and gratitude

  • 1 h
  • 60 British pounds
  • Southampton

Service Description

60 minute 1 to 1 - Cacao Ceremony where you can connect with this amazing and gentle heart opening plant medicine, with unconditional love and gratitude. Mama Cacao provides a safe space for looking into your intention, helping with questions, or providing insight, guidance, and healing. The format of the connecting with the Cacao spirit is as follows: - Gratitude check in - Meditation - Opening of the Cacao ceremony - Directions of the medicine wheel - Intention and drinking the Cacao Elixir - Drumming or Sound Journey to meet Mama Cacao or Direction* linked to your intention - Go through feedback of the session and journey - Fire Ceremony - Closing the ceremony Depending on your experience, recipes and suppliers of the ceremonial cacao can be provided. It is normally £14.99 for 250g which will provide 6-10 servings (Unroasted Virgin Peruvian Criollo raw ceremonial cacao), my suppliers link is on the resources section. It works best as a 1 to 1 ceremony, but more than happy for your partner or a couple of friends to join you on the video call. But if it could be kept to a total of 2-4 people ideally - which then brings the cost down to £15 per person for the session. Or if the others participants don't live with you, please provide their email addresses for a zoom call so they can join remotely. The intention can be that you just want to meet with mama cacao and you have a question, need insight, guidance or healing. If you can ideally confirm your intention when you book so I can prepare for the ceremony. However if your intention is linked to one of the directions below of the medicine wheel, we can use a specific drumming/sound journey and bespoke recipe accordingly: *DIRECTIONS OF THE MEDICINE WHEEL EAST (Fire) - New beginnings or project, spirit, illumination, sight. SOUTH (Water) - Action, growth, service, making things happen, emotions and taste. WEST (Earth) - Celebrating the harvest, letting go of things that don't serve us, grounding, the body and touch. NORTH (Air) - Death, decay, pausing for new possibilities, mind and sound/hearing. WITHIN (Ether/Spirit) - The sacred human, balance of masculine and feminine energy, know thyself, be present in the moment, gratitude and all the 5 senses. If you do want to work with one of the above directions of the medicine wheel, let me know your intention and the direction when booking, so I can confirm the bespoke recipe beforehand. *Recording is not permitted

Contact Details

  • Holistic J, Squirrel Drive, Sholing, Southampton, UK

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