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Shamanic Healing 60 mins - phone/video

Shamanic Healing Session - which can be combined with a Cacao Ceremony

  • 1 h
  • 60 British pounds
  • Southampton

Service Description

60 minute Shamanic Healing session. This can also be combined with a cacao ceremony: - We talk through your intention - Your intention and the Directions of the medicine wheel (Cacao ceremony optional) - Meditation - Shamanic Healing & Drumming Journey - Go through feedback of the session Please provide details of your intention when booking or prior to the session if possible. Also confirm if you would like to combine it with a Cacao Ceremony. If you have a question, want to work on your chakras, feel a little ‘lost’ in life, have gone through a big trauma or are looking for some clarity on what to do about a difficult situation, a shamanic healing session could be hugely beneficial. A shamanic healer will simply act as the connection between you and your guides in the other realms, and make sure your soul is protected throughout the process. Some physical sensations may be felt but it’s all in the interest of healing your soul. I also use the directions of the Medicine Wheel and connect to Father Sky and Mother Earth during the healing. Using tuning forks, white sage and palo Santo to provide a safe sacred space of the healing. Every one of us goes on a ‘shamanic journey’ every night when we go to sleep. When we dream, our soul leaves our body to explore other worlds. This can be considered an ‘unconscious’ journey into the spirit world. We also leave our bodies when we experience trauma, as our soul tries to protect itself. Our souls leave the body for a number of reasons but few of us have the ability to leave the body at will. This is where shamanic training comes in. In order to induce a shamanic journey, the shaman must first enter a ‘trance-like’ state. Special music or drumming may be used to mimic the frequency or ‘heartbeat’ of the earth and put the mind in a more relaxed theta state. The shaman must also make an ‘intention’ for the journey, call on spirit guides, and make sure they are well-protected before entering another realm. A shaman might go on a journey for the purpose of shamanic healing, to communicate with spirits, retrieve a soul or to meet with their or your spirit animal or guide.

Contact Details

  • Holistic J, Squirrel Drive, Sholing, Southampton, UK


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