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Soundbath 2 U

Soundbath 2 U - Hampshire, St Albans, in your own home, local venue, retreat centre or online/video

  • 1 h
  • From 75 British pounds
  • Luton|Southampton|81 Bedford Place, Southampton

Service Description

60 minute Soundbath 2 U - Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, your own home, local venue, retreat centre or online. The Soundbath session can be at your home or another venue of your choice, subject to travelling costs being agreed if you are not local to Southampton or St Albans. The prices include set up at your home/venue and room hire of up to £20. Prices for an in person Soundbath range from £12-£20 per person depending on the number of attendees and room size. Online/Remote Soundbaths can also be arranged via a video or voice call - £75 for an individual, household or small group. Subject to room/venue size and number of attendees, instead of just 1 set of Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls. 2 sets of bowls can be placed at opposite ends of the room/venue and played at the same time in synchronicity. Producing a unique harmonic surround sound experience. SOUND THERAPY - A journey of sound with guided meditations Soundbaths provide a unique holistic & therapeutic experience that relaxes, nurtures and promotes mind, body, emotional, spiritual wellness and balancing the chakras. Different sound tools and techniques have a unique vibrational energy or frequency. These can interact with the energy fields of the body, restoring balance and harmony. They can also be used to address specific health issues or imbalances. Many people find it helpful for managing stress, anxiety, busy lifestyle worries, or physical issues. Cymatic studies have showed how intention, sound and different vibrational frequencies affects water with many positive outcomes. As we are 70-80% water sounbaths can have similar benefits. Live blood results after a 20 minute gong meditation confirmed blood cells were more separated, round, hydrated with less acidity and inflammation - video link: Whether it is to balance your chakras, have more inner peace, stillness and calmness. Experience natural binaural beats, alter your brainwaves to a theta healing state, improve your meditation and present moment awareness, or just have a deeply relaxing experience. All are welcome. Just bring your own pillow and blanket and enjoy this beautifully orchestrated soundbath experience, with Jason Wakefield of Holistic J and co- facilitator Magda Abela of Holistic Harmony Portal. I am a fully insured Crystal & Sound Healer, REIKI Master and Teacher - registered with the UK REIKI Federation and IPHM.

Contact Details

  • Luton, UK

  • Holistic J, Squirrel Drive, Sholing, Southampton, UK

  • YOU Massage Therapy, Bedford Place, Southampton, UK

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