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Soundbath & Cacao Ceremony - 2 hours

Dual Soundbath & Cacao Ceremony, Oakwood London, 7.30pm-9.30pm, 2nd Monday of the month & 20/4/24

  • 2 hr
  • 44 British pounds
  • Bramley Road

Service Description

EVENT: 1 hour CACAO CEREMONY followed by a 1 hour DUAL SOUNDBATH TIME: 7.30-9.30 pm the second Monday of the month, and on Saturday 20th April 2024 LOCATION: The Crystal Company London, Oakwood Station Parade, 117 Bramley Rd, N14 4UT BY: Jason Wakefield of Holistic J WHAT TO BRING AND WEAR: Warm & Comfortable Clothing, Eye Mask (if you want your personal one), Pillows and a Blanket (there are some also available at the venue) CACAO CEREMONY - Where you can connect with this amazing and gentle heart opening plant medicine, with unconditional love and gratitude. Mama Cacao provides a safe space for looking into your intention, helping with questions, or providing insight, guidance, and healing. How we are going to connect with the spirit of Mama Cacao: - Gratitude check in - Meditation - Opening of the Cacao ceremony - Directions of the medicine wheel - Intention and drinking the Cacao Elixir - Shamanic Drumming Journey to meet Mama Cacao - Going through feedback of the session and journey - Prayer Ceremony to Mother Earth, your intention and what you would like to let go of - Closing the ceremony DUAL SOUNDBATH - Experience a blissful soundbath journey with an acoustic mix of various healing sounds: ​ - 2 sets of 7 Chakra Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls* - Unique Earth Star & Soul Star Chakra Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls - Tibetan Chakra Bowls - Koshi Bells - 5 Elements - Tuning Forks - Gong bath - Sacred Ancestral Percussion Instruments - Shamanic Drumming Journey *2 sets of bowls are placed at opposite ends of the room/venue and played at the same time in synchronicity. Producing a unique harmonic surround sound experience. So you can be taken on a journey to escape your busy lifestyle and worries. Indulge in holistic healing, happiness, inner peace, whilst relaxing your mind and body. A JOURNEY OF SOUND WITH GUIDED MEDITATIONS Soundbaths have many holistic benefits – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Cymatic studies have showed how intention, sound and different vibrational frequencies affects water with many positive outcomes. As we are 70-80% water soundbaths can have similar positive benefits. Whether it is to balance your chakras, have more inner peace, stillness and calmness. Experience natural binaural beats, alter your brainwaves to a theta healing state, improve your meditation and present moment awareness, or just have a deeply relaxing experience.

Contact Details

  • The Crystal Company London, Oakwood Station, Bramley Road, London, UK


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